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Every day we make arrangements for the issuance of humanitarian aid and the evacuation of residents of the Kharkiv city. If you need help, please fill the form and leave your contacts for communication.

Friends, unfortunately, the war is still going on. At the same time, people are tired. Tired financially, morally, physically. Compared to the first weeks of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, supplies of food, medicine and other material resources have decreased. We continue to provide assistance to the military, hospitals and civilians. However, our resources are limited and we are unable to help everyone.

In connection with the above, requests for products and medicines are accepted according to the following criteria:

1. Five houses (the whole area)
2. Zhukovsky (the whole district)
3. Horizon (whole area)
4. Industrial (see map)
5. Northern Saltivka (see map)
6. Deoccupied settlements.



Medicines (all areas, but considered individually, depending on the situation)

Requests for other areas and parameters will not be accepted for processing❗

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