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We are the Kharkiv Aid Headquarters.


We, the team of the Kharkiv Aid Headquarters, are witnessing the daily shelling of housing estates by the Russian army in our hometown of Kharkiv and delivering food, medicine, hygiene products and other necessities to the elderly, disabled, children and anyone who cannot do it alone.

Schools, hospitals, universities, houses and other social infrastructure are being destroyed all over the city day and night, and we are watching with horror how this nightmare is happening. We are afraid that our city will be destroyed to the last stone.

But most of all, we fear for the lives of the civilians who are victims of this war, for the people who remained in Kharkiv and are unable to evacuate and survive on their own.

Our team is doing everything to change that. What we have today is well-established communication and logistics with such countries as Denmark, Poland, Italy, and such cities of Ukraine: Lviv, Chernivtsi, Dnipro.

But with your help - a simple repost or a story about our #Kharkiv Aid Office, this list of cities and countries can increase significantly, which will increase the number of Kharkiv residents we can help.

​We have united drivers, suppliers, logisticians, representatives of the food and pharmaceutical industry, public activists and all concerned to save as many lives as possible. We continue our work under all circumstances and help everyone who needs it.


We currently provide Kharkiv, Kharkiv region, as well as partly Donetsk and Luhansk regions

1) evacuation of civilians (especially vulnerable groups: children, the disabled, the elderly);

2) medicines and food for hospitals;

3) medicines, food, warm clothes, blankets and other necessary things - the elderly, the disabled and all those who need it;

4) baby food, diapers, medicines, children's hygiene products.

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